A la Carte

Our a la carte menu is available on public holidays, holiday eves and on these days and times:: Friday from 7pm to 9pm Saturday from 7pm to 9pm Sunday from Midday to 2pm and from 7pm to 9pm We recommend booking by calling 0423 746701 or 331 8000800.


We can plan your aperitif with food on demand.


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Seasonal menu


Porcini mushroom quiche on Asiago cheese fondue, crisp bacon slice and grilled polenta Escargots a la Bourguignonne (6 pieces) Escargots wrapped in bacon on mushroom polenta (6 pieces)

First Courses

Porcini mushroom soup Pumpkin soup Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms Risotto with porcini mushrooms  (2 people minimum) Pumpkin ravioli “alla Mantovana”

Main Courses

Beef fillet “all’alpina” (with porcini mushroom) Milanese-style elephant ear cutlet (veal with bone) Sliced beef steak on the bone (the real beef steak)


Classic fassona beef tartare Grilled fresh salami with seasonal mushrooms and grilled polenta Meat cuts selection from our production Local cheese selection with vegetable jams from our production Pork loin marinated with Mediterranean spices (our production) with salad and goat cheese Drunken round steak (marinated in amarone and our Mediterranean spices) with salad and beans.  Homemade jams and cold meats from our breeding

First Courses

Bigoli Tagliatelle Casarecce with: duck ragu, ragu “biondo di cortile”(duck,guinea-hen,rabbit), Bolognese ragu or tomato sauce Schiaffoni alla norma (Paccheri, eggplants,tomato confit, ricotta cheese) Bigoli alla Prai (Radicchio, speck, smoked provola cheese, pulled meat) Potato gnocchi alla bava (fondue with cheese and blue cheese Risotto alla Milanese (Saffron and ox bone marrow) minimum 2 people I maremmani (Big ravioli with spinach and ricotta) with butter and Tuscan ragu Fresh and filled pasta is homemade by us with re-milled durum wheat flour and 12 eggs per kilo (eggs from our farm)

Main Courses (Pork & Burgers)

Grilled fresh salami, with seasonal mushrooms and grilled polenta Pork chop Pork mixed grill (ribs, coppa, sausages, bacon) Beef-burger Cheese-burger Bacon-burger  Our burgers are not sandwiches but USA style medium rare meat dishes Pork and poultry are from our farm or from Italian farms. Beef is exclusively from our farm. 

Main Courses (Beef)

Veal steak (rib) Veal T bone steak (Fiorentina style) Steak a la Fiorentina di sorana Rib-eye steak Sliced beef steak (sirloin) Grilled beef filet Beef filet with roquefort (blue cheese cream) Filet a la Serge Voronof (cream and Cognac) Filet a la Bismarck (with fried egg) Beef filet with green pepper (French cream) Beef filet with green pepper and Mediterranean spices (alla Senese) Beef  from our farm in Ramon

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