Holiday Farm with Rooms

Grill Specialties • Events Planning • Retail Sale



Set Menu and
A la Carte


with Breakfast and optional Dinner


Christenings, Confirmations, Graduations, etc..


Retail sale of Meat and Cured Meats

Welcome Ai Prai

Ai Prai holiday farm offers a location surrounded by greenery where to stay overnight, taste local products and host your events. Our rooms are the ideal solution for pleasant and relaxing stays: whether during a quick work trip or a longer break, waking up in the peaceful countryside and having breakfast in our sun filled room is always a delight. Every night our guests can enjoy dinner with a full menu.

Every Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday we are open with a la carte menu and grilled meat (booking recommended). We also plan your special event: christenings, weddings, graduations, corporate parties, etc.. including in the big green park outside the venue. Did you like what you ate? We sell meat and cured meats from our own production.

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